How to Determine if a Mobile Archiver POC is Successful?

Once a security incident happens, many things can change around your company. Your business is a valuable one that needs proper management. As an owner, you also have the responsibility to adapt in everchanging world around you. You need to meet the standards not only within your clients but also the laws. 

In regards with this there are infrequently audits around the company in which you need to observe your mobile archiving solution. You should know beforehand whether it follows what is mandated or not. To assess this kind of things, here’s how you can do it.

Mobile Archiving Solution: The Compliance Case

All business-related communications on mobile devices must be kept for compliance and transparency purposes, according to the laws. For businesses operating in highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, education, and IT/BPOs, a mobile archive solution is more useful. Businesses that do not keep records from mobile devices are subject to penalties and fines.

The fact that there is no reason not to comply with the laws, the more reason for you to adopt a mobile archiving solution. 

Text Message Monitoring and Call Monitoring: Challenges and Solutions

Companies opt to use multiple channels when communicating and the amount of time to capture all the conversation manually can result to failure. It only means that a mobile archiving solution is the best option that you can get to prevent this. It is essential to have mobile call monitoring or something that will capture mobile calls during business hours.

To ensure that you can give proper solution to any challenges that your company will face in the future, keep in mind to trust company that offers this kind of services. Remember to seek help when you are struggling, but make sure that they are reputable enough to take care of your issues. 

To learn more about mobile archiving solution, see the infographic below from TeleMessage.



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