July 1, 2022, Marks The Launch Of The Customer Support Code Of Ethics By Max Express LLC 

July 1, 2022, has been decided as the date for launching the Customer Support Code of Ethics. The company, Max Express LLC, looks forward to introducing the code for enhancing their corporate and social responsibility and enabling consumers and customers to develop more trust in them. The code has been specifically designed for the benefit of the customers. 

A press release by Max Express LLC reveals the true nature of the code, whereby the company looks forward to improving its role in providing premium monetary services for its customers and consumers. 

It would be worth mentioning here that the code has been specifically designed for establishing practical and ethical norms and principles held by Max Express LLC. It would be related to the consumers and customers throughout the services offered by their company. You can see the document available on the Max Express LLCs official site. 

Meri Dzhangveladze, the Head of Max express LLC, ensures that the company will always work hard to improve its services at all levels. As a result, they have designed the code to adhere to the specific needs laid down by the National Bank of Georgia. The code strives to enhance the responsibility that employees at Max Express LLC hold to service its customers. However, simultaneously, it would ensure that the code would enable its customers to make the most of the high-quality services offered by the company.


Rest assured that Max Express LLC should be deemed a financial institution without specific banking features. The National Bank of Georgia licensed the company as a monetary service provider. You could see the license number 0078-2804, dated August 3, 2018, on the site as well. You could enjoy its money transferring services offered by the company for both local and foreign customers. 

As mentioned above, the company has been licensed as a monetary service provider by the National Bank of Georgia. It would not be wrong to suggest that since the company got its license, it started operating and offering payment transferring services while adhering to the laws prevalent in Georgia. 

It would be pertinent to mention that apart from the proposed introduction of the Customer Support Code of Ethics in July, the company launched the TransGuard Identification system in early 2020. The system works on the standard designed by BLS, which screens out black-listed.

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