What makes a good accountant?

Hiring an accountant who’s done quickbooks training lake forest park wa can be extremely beneficial to your business, especially if you’re just starting and aren’t sure where, to begin with, your finances. But not all accountants Ruthin are the same, and it’s important to find one that suits your business needs, and most importantly, doesn’t give you headaches in the process. Here are some guidelines to help you navigate the often confusing waters of hiring an accountant so that you can get back to what’s important – running your business!


It’s important to be able to trust your advisor. It’s better to have someone honest with you from day one than it is to find out later that they weren’t looking out for your best interests. This means that you should do research on an accountant before hiring them, not just look at their qualifications. How long have they been in business? What are their training and experience like? Is there an ongoing commitment to keeping their skills up-to-date with new regulations and changes in tax law?


Some accountants are more talkative than others. When you meet with your potential accountant, ask yourself if he or she is easy to speak with and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You’ll likely spend a lot of time together, so choose someone who doesn’t make it hard to communicate. A good relationship with your tax preparer will lead to more questions being answered when you call instead of spending hours on hold with customer service representatives. An easygoing relationship can also make those stressful tax seasons go by faster and be less stressful overall.


When you first meet with an accountant, make sure you discuss your specific needs and goals. Are you trying to do your books to save money on taxes or to gain a better understanding of how you run your business? An accountant may have their set methods of doing things, so make sure that if you’re hiring them for their services that they’ll be flexible enough to work with what type of business structure or tax situation you have. Also, consider whether an online accounting platform might be best for your business model. If not, find out whether they’re willing to work with any third-party software platforms (QuickBooks, Sage Intacct etc.) or even share documents via Dropbox etc.


A good accounting firm can save you time and money. If they don’t provide full disclosure of potential risks, are hesitant to answer your questions or give conflicting answers, it’s probably best to work with someone else. Look for an accounting professional who is willing to offer candid advice about your company’s finances and future. You can also search for local business organizations for referrals—they often have recommendations for financial advisors. Once you find a few candidates, interview them and ask as many questions as possible before making your decision.


The key to any great relationship is loyalty. And if you’re going to put your faith and your financial affairs in someone else’s hands, it’s an absolute must that you feel your advisor is 100% committed to delivering honest and professional advice. Being able to trust that your Chartered Accountant is looking out for your best interests when it comes time to sign off on taxes, estate planning or even larger business decisions is critical. It can also help remove some of the stress that comes with being self-employed. As entrepreneurs and self-starters ourselves, we understand how stressful starting a business can be—especially when deadlines are looming, finances are tight and you have countless things pulling at your attention from all sides.


Good business accountants are out there and if you follow these guidelines, finding one should be easier. Good luck in your search!

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