Why is the US stock market better than the Indian stock market?

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Investing in the US stock market expands the investor’s horizon. As an investor, you have the opportunity to participate in the world’s most mature economy. You will also be able to earn interest in dollar values. The US stock market has some of the best companies, brands, and associations listed in the stock exchange that provide better returns compared to the Indian stock market. 

Why is the US stock market better compared to the Indian stock market?

Investing in the US stock market is better than the Indian stock market because it protects your wealth from the rise of the US Dollar, which has been rising by ~5% annually. It is referred to as hedging against the rising US dollar. It is always recommended to invest in well-known companies to earn good returns. Companies based in the United States, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Nike, are well-known and well-recognized brands. As a result, you will be able to play a small role in their development. And, you are making a good profit! 

You can buy fractional shares in the US stock market. A fractional share is a chunk of a stock that is less than one full share. This option is not available in the Indian stock market. The US GDP is ten times higher than the number of companies in India and the US that account for almost 35%–40% of world market capitalization. You can create the best portfolio by diversifying your investment there. It’s easy to see how US markets show more promise in a modern investment climate with access to the international market.

Parameters like Performance in terms of returns, Correlation between the two markets, Volatility, Top-performing sectors, Valuations and size play a key role in making the US market a better place for investing directly or indirectly.

Investing in US Markets vs Indian Markets: Conclusion

Sure, both the Indian and the US markets have their advantages. But in a modern investing climate with access to the international market, it’s easy to see how US markets show more promise. This is in part due to their global affinity and nature, as well as the fact they host some of the most promising companies in the world. While the Indian market should certainly remain a significant part of an investor’s portfolio, there’s no denying that the US makes a strong case for a place in the Indian investor’s portfolio.


To conclude, we can say that US stock markets are better than the Indian Market for a variety of reasons. The US stock market offers huge returns, is less volatile, and has some of the best companies listed on the stock exchange. 

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