Why WLP Group is voted as one of the best Xero Accounting Firms in Singapore

W.L.P Group is a Singapore-based company founded in 2013 which provides business-to-business solutions and is the preferred partner of local and corporations from across the world in Asia.

Why WLP Group is the best

W.L.P strives to provide high quality in all of their professional services (including incorporating a Singaporean firm, utilizing payroll outsourcing, preparing taxes, and much more!) by employing highly experienced professionals with rich experience. They are one of the few PSG grant vendors in Singapore. They also collaborate with Xero Accounting Firm for their services including Xero Bookkeeping Services, Xero Cloud Accounting, Xero SME Accounting.

Furthermore, WLP specializes in working with a variety of banks and industries. Additionally, they also deliver professional services in business incorporation, accounting, tax, and business consulting for small-medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and also individuals.

Xero Accounting Firm

Xero is one of the most powerful online accounting software packages for businesses. Xero Accounting Firm helps to

  • Integrate with banks,
  • Share data, and collaborate in real-time
  • Between accountant,
  • bookkeeper, and lawyer,
  • And other business apps.

Xero accounting firm allows its clients and small business owners to customize Xero accounting firm features to fit their needs and to gain total control anytime, anywhere.

Xero Bookkeeping Services

Xero Bookkeeping Services offers excellent tools for reconciling accounts, tracking projects, and managing sales and purchase transactions. Xero Accounting Firm is a newly improved setup process and business overviews make it an excellent option for small businesses.

All business accounts will be kept up to date and accurate with Xero Bookkeeping Services. Those accounts will be reported on regularly, so the proprietors, supervisors, and executives know how they’re doing. In addition, well-maintained books make it easier for accountants to step in at the end of the year and finish their work.

Another benefit of hiring Xero Bookkeeping Services is that:

Build systems that will keep you from falling behind again by fixing neglected accounts

Resolve recurring financial problems like poor cash flow or mounting debt by acknowledging and dealing with them

Set up ways to measure and monitor the things that drive your business’ performance (key performance indicators)

Xero Cloud Accounting

Xero Cloud Accounting is the first Cloud-based accounting platform. Xero Cloud Accounting keeps your business agile by allowing you to view all numbers on any device, wherever you are. Besides reconciliation, you can also send clients online invoices quickly, enter receipts anywhere, create expense claims, and check your balances anywhere using Xero Cloud Accounting. Xero Cloud Accounting is a cloud-based software that provides unlimited collaboration with staff members and other financial advisors.

Xero SME Accounting

A small or midsized business can easily keep track of its finances with Xero. Xero SME Accounting is a platform that facilitates payroll and accounting in one place. Businesses can quickly see the status of their bank accounts thanks to automatic bank feeds.


Xero Accounting Firm is secure and reliable. It is a time-saving tool for growing businesses. Xero Cloud Accounting also has an expert team who are available 24/7. The team provides you with 360-degree business transformation support. Xero Cloud Accounting works flawlessly on any browser or on any device. Xero Cloud Accounting’s goal is to create accounting software that’s easy and simple to use, as well as attractive to look at.

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